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Honorary Members

We are delighted to share with you our Honorary Members Page

The committee took the decision to set up this page at the end of 2023 and moving forward I am sure we will have many additions.

Tony Deahl

Joined the committee in the 1980’s he was Chairman for about 20 years, he resigned in 2016. He was a key player in organising the Fete in Manor Gardens on August Bank Holiday raising more than £4000.00 each year.


He oversaw the original building of the conservatory, the purchase of the house in St Andrews Road, the spending of £40,000.00 for the major refurbishing of the hospital and the redesign and resin surfacing in the enclosed courtyard garden. During his reign he organised many fund raising events, he ran an annual Cheese and Wine party night at the Farmer’s Tavern. The decision was then taken to make it a social evening initially at Lakeside and then at The Oaktree. This social evening has been a long standing event and the legacy still carries on twice a year at Brean Country Club.

Bernard Spilsbury

Joined the committee in 2002, he became Vice Chair in 2007, he then served as Chairman from 2016 till 2021 when he retired. Bernie organised many joint ventures with other organisations such as the Lions and Rotary, he was great at thinking up new initiatives for raising funds for the hospital.

Throughout his reign, Mary, his wife took on the role for checking, counting and banking any monies raised, this is a role that although they have both retired from active committee work they still undertake this role for us.

John Marsh

In 1978 John moved in to Herbert Road and his then neighbour was Des Parsons who was on the Friends committee and his role was fete convenor. John started to help with the hospital fetes during the 1980’s, Tony Deahl asked John if he would join the committee which he did.

His voluntary role included organising and collecting donations for the tombola’s, selling

tickets for our party nights and organising seating arrangements for the events and also taking on the role of ‘front of house’ at out coffee mornings. He was a massive influence on the committee during his time. Eventually he retired in 2023.

Other Honoury members include:

Brenda Adams

Pat Bartram

Mrs Eileen Evans

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